Working in Prisons

Having a family member in prison is stressful for anyone and especially children. Strong positive relationships improve outcomes for children and reduce the likelihood of reoffending by prisoners. We work in prisons to try and improve the experience of visiting and to help families maintain positive relationships.

Visit Centres

We make our visit centres welcoming and have staff who provide a friendly face and a listening ear. We aim to make the visiting process easier and less stressful for all visitors. We provide information and advice about the prison and wider family support.

“Having a friendly face to chat to makes such a difference, everything is less stressful!” Mother of 3 children

Visit Halls

At some establishments we staff a play area in the visit hall that provides positive activities for children and young people of all ages.

We help run family visits that use play to give families the chance to do something fun and interactive together. This provides a positive shared experience that helps break down barriers and helps people cope.

“Today I learnt that my dad makes the best paper planes - I’m so proud” Girl aged 8


We offer training to prison staff and other voluntary organisations on using play to deliver effective visits. We can offer training to organisations about the impact having a family member in prison has on families.

We have delivered successful parenting courses in prisons.

Prisons we work with

HMP Ranby

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