Our Mission

"To improve the life quality and experiences of children, young people and their families"

Children’s Links had a positive impact on over 113,000 children and young people across the United Kingdom last year.

Our vision of the future is a world where all children, young people and families are valued and where their potential is maximised. We play our part by being:

  • ambitious for children, young people, families and ourselves
  • recognised nationally and internationally for supporting children, young people and families to shine
  • a leader and innovator that provides amazing services
  • a leader, advocating, supporting and developing the sector
  • well known for empowered, assertive and motivated employees who have fun and achieve in their roles

The work we carry out is vital in identifying and addressing the needs of children and young people across the United Kingdom and we are able to identify these needs through front line knowledge and experience. Through service delivery, influencing policy and representing the children’s sector, especially the voluntary and community sector, at Government level, we are able to address these needs and make a real difference to the quality of children’s life experiences.

The services described on this site are a credit to our dedicated teams and partnership working.