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NEW ELearning Courses

10 January 2018

NEW YEAR, NEW YOU! - Train with Children’s Links

Learn in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace with our range of online training at only £25 per course. (£20 for members) Subjects include:

Introduction to Childminding

This course helps people make a decision about becoming a childminder and get started.

Topics include
■Regulation and legislation
■Policies and procedures
■Children’s wellbeing
■Providing a safe and stimulating environment

Safer Recruitment

This course will provide settings with the tools they need to be able to recruit good quality staff in line with best practice. It offers practical help with drafting job descriptions and advertising and interviewing staff. It also covers legal requirements around employment checks.

Delivering EYFS in a safe environment

This course will enable all providers to create safe and secure environments that offer opportunities for ‘risky’ and creative play that promote children’s learning.

Topics covered include
■Relevant legislation
■Principles of risk assessment
■Record keeping
■Practical procedures

Making Changes

This course will enable a better understanding of how to plan for, and effectively manage, change. It covers change management skills, leadership, coaching, staff motivation and succession planning.


This course will help providers to ensure they have robust policies that continue to be fit for purpose in an ever changing policy environment. It covers the principles of good policies and practical ways of staying up to date.

Meeting employment obligations

This course provides a range of robust and achievable tools that will help providers meet their legal and Ofsted requirements.

Topics covered include
■Employment law
■Performance management
■Discipline and grievance
■Financial obligations eg pensions

Planning for the future

This course enables providers to feel more confident using a range of business planning tools to help them run a successful setting. It helps providers take a business approach and provides tools for financial planning.

Collaboration and Partnerships

This course helps providers engage successfully with a wide range of partners. It covers the principles of partnership working and provides practical ideas about how to engage with key partners.

Make 2018 the year you learn more and maximise your potential!

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