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‘Good’ Ofsted for Shining Stars

13 February 2018

Delighted staff and children at Shining Stars, in Wainfleet, are celebrating after receiving a glowing report from OFSTED inspectors.

The nursery has received a ‘Good’ rating following a full day of inspection. Inspectors were impressed with the strong relationships built between the nursery and parents, noting that the nursery staff “develop excellent partnerships with parents. Parents acknowledge the high level of care and value the warmth and friendliness of staff”.

The Ofsted report praised staff, noting that “The Manager is passionate about supporting the children and families that attend the nursery. She demonstrates a dedication and enthusiasm for the continued development of the nursery”.
Well qualified staff that play alongside children enthusiastically was also singled out for praise in the report. Gina Edwards, Nursery Manager at Shining Stars said “We are pleased that the Inspector noted that the team are well qualified and enthusiastic as well as creating a highly stimulating, well resourced environment. The team and I are always striving to provide exceptional care and play opportunities”.
CEO of Children’s Links, Karen Parsons said: “We are very pleased that OFSTED has confirmed what we have known for some time – Shining Stars is a great nursery with dedicated and enthusiastic staff. Shining Stars is a credit to the Children’s Links Group”.

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