Testimonials and Case Studies

Here are a few success stories and comments from a few of the people and services we have worked with.

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We like Children's Links, you understand things from our perspective.

VCS Organisation

Since working with Sarah and Children's Links I feel links with the voluntary and community sector (VCS) have been facilitated that would not have been possible without them. Children's Links has acted as a conduit that the VCS and statutory sector can liaise through to create new networks and working practices. The VCS appear to prefer Children's Links providing a platform for the VCS voice to be heard.

Cambridgeshire County Council

I have worked in the Visitor Centre at HMP Whitemoor as a volunteer for the past 16 years. I thoroughly enjoy my volunteer work, and find it rewarding to be able to offer my time to help people. I’m sure for some of the people that frequent our Visitor Centre, it can make all the difference to their day to have someone be friendly towards them whilst serving a cup of tea or greet them with a smile after travelling many miles to reach their destination. I see my role as a volunteer to offer this assistance, listen and generally try and help others, this in turn makes me feel a better person. It also offers me a chance to be in a different atmosphere to my home life and for the few hours I work, it generally enables me to concentrate on others who may be less fortunate, and forget my own worries. I find the opportunity to meet different characters from all walks of life can be quite entertaining at times, and it’s nice to see people from around the country and have a general chat about what is happening in their area. Although the procedures of the day stay the same, I particularly enjoy the variety of volunteering, as no two days are the same, hence, I rarely get bored! Expenses are paid, but I genuinely feel I reap more benefit from the satisfaction I get, knowing that I have helped people in the role I perform as a Volunteer.

Mary J

*Rachel and her 2 boys, Shane (7) and Jack (4) visited Mark on a weekly basis. They would arrive at the prison about 3 hours before the visit, during which time Rachel would talk with Children’s Links staff about her life, the boys, school and how their behaviour was deteriorating. She needed this time as she hadn't told any one in her local community that Mark was in prison, she said he was working away. Mark had been a very "hands on" father prior to his prison sentence and would take the boys to football matches and was closely involved in their education. To begin with on visits Shane refused to speak to his father and after an initial brief hug would spend the majority of the 2 hour visit in the play area, despite encouragement to play games or read books with his father. Shane's behaviour at home began to deteriorate quite rapidly, affecting his mother, brother and extended family. He was becoming violent towards his brother and reportedly wrecked his bedroom on numerous occasions, usually after a visit to the prison. Over time Shane developed a good relationship with one of our staff members and was introduced to memory boxes, a box that was special for him and his dad in which he could keep photos, letters and anything that reminded him of his father, particularly items that he had made or drawn with his father on a visit to the prison. Shane decorated a box with stickers of his choosing before a visit one day, he told his father about it. Unfortunately because of prison regulations Shane was not allowed to take the box in to show his father, but he took it home and put it under his bed, where it would stay until he could show it to his father when he was released. During the visits that followed Shane would be encouraged to access the craft table where he would make something for himself and something the same for his dad. He would give one to his dad and take the other home for his memory box. His mother reported that he would do this religiously, putting it in the box as soon as they got home. He would then look in his box every night before bed. Gradually over time Shane would take the craft materials to his family's table to make the things with his father. Finally after 4 months Shane chose to spend more time with his parents, only coming to the play area to choose books and games to do with his father. Rachel said that things had also improved at home. Shane was more reasonable and would talk about his father more and the things they would do when he came home. (*names have been changed)

Rachel and her 2 boys