SFA Subcontracting

We are a lead contractor with the SFA with an Ofsted Grade 2 inspection and have contracts to deliver both 16-18 Apprenticeships, traineeships and adult skills budgets, as well as Advanced Learner Loans.

Policy and Procedure

We aim to ensure that all potential subcontractors are treated fairly and only those of good quality are contracted with. We also only enter into subcontracts with organisations that have a real concern for their students and a sound ethos of ensuring every young person gets the chance they deserve to succeed. In addition we subcontract in order to ensure the quality of teaching and learning is driven upwards across all organisations by sharing of best practice and resources.

Once we have made contact with an organisation, we send them an email invite to go on to surveymonkey and complete an initial questionnaire or provide the information from the questionnaire via email. We then make contact via telephone to discuss the practicalities. If it appears to be satisfactory we then proceed to the next stage, which is a full due diligence form by email.
On receipt of due diligence, the financial information is sent to our internal accountant for their appraisal. The manager and Director appraise the rest of the information.
If an organisation completes this process satisfactorily an example contract without financial appendix is sent out.

Finally we would meet with the organisation to; discuss volume; check any additional documents such as risk assessments (for high risk delivery) ; check premises; meet other delivery staff and discuss the mutual benefits that are possible within the working arrangement, especially shared resources and opportunities.
Finally once references have been received we assess SFA contract volumes against subcontractor request and agree a contract.

The policy and procedure is available from our downloads page and is reviewed annually.


We will retain 15% of the SFA payments for subcontracted learners during establishment of the subcontracting arrangement

Once the contract is established and success rates have been seen to meet the standard required (80% +) along with minimal administrative support the fee can be negotiated down to 10%.

This covers administration and submission to SFA , audit and observation of teaching and learning on an annual basis as a minimum, together with sharing of all procedures and paperwork to customise for delivery. Payments are made at the end of the month following SFA payment by BACS transfer.

Subcontractors for 2016 /2017 will be:

  • Real Skills Training Ltd. (£131,690)
  • North East Childcare Training (£59,380)
  • Best Choice (£21,740)

These figures will be updated after reconciliation at year end.

Subcontractors for 2015 /2016 were:

  • Real Skills Training Ltd. (£150,801)
  • Inclusion Hampshire (£10,303)
  • North East Childcare Training (£40,074)
  • Best Choice (£17,694)

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